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The imperial conspiracy began in the 1920s, when hirohito was still the crown prince. Japans imperial conspiracy is a nonfiction historical work by david bergamini. A large proportion of officers of the imperial japanese navy in the decades leading up to world war ii were descendants of the old satsuma clan, traditionally seamenwar riors. Hirohito and other members of the imperial family were involved in the conspiracy. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page.

A large clan in the island of kyushu, of which shimazu was the dominant family and kagoshima the hereditary stronghold. Japans imperial conspiracy 1972 edition open library. Japan s imperial conspiracy 1971 this is a truly massive two volume set of books that basically ties hirohito directly into the planning and execution of world war ii, using a massive amount of evidence, memos, etc. For five years bergamini had poured over 30,000 pages of japanese documents and us intelligence. Japans imperial conspiracy, volume 1 by david bergamini and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Volume 1 starts out with a section on the rape of nanking, the atomic bomb, and the defeat of japan. Memories, continuities, and constructions scholarspace. David bergaminis japans imperial conspiracy points the finger to hirohito, the supposedly mild bispectacled marine biologist, as the true instigator and conspirator of the pacific war. Among the high points of the narrative are a biography of hirohito, a history of the tokugawa shogunate, meiji restoration, and the 30s putsch attempts, plots, factions, and foils, including the big.

Its subject is the role of japanese elites in promoting japanese imperialism and the greater east asia coprosperity sphere. Doubtless because he was imprisoned in wartime japan he refuses to alibi japanese atrocities in china and elsewhere, unlike toland and coffey. Japan s imperial conspiracy by bergamini, david, 1928publication date 1972 topics hirohito, emperor of japan, 19011989, world war, 19391945, guerre mondiale, 19391945 publisher new york, pocket books collection inlibrary. The author was born in japan, moved to china, and later was interned as a civilian prisoner of war after japan conquered the philippines. Japans imperial conspiracy paperback october 1, 1972 by david bergamini author 4.

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