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Brian grodman has written for the jewish advocate and. His father was a famous general in the israeli army, of which miko also served his time. The new palestinian school books teach that the only ancient inhabitants of israel were arabs, ignoring any ancient jewish presence. Anyone who says its clear cut and that one side is at fault doesnt understand the history. Disinformation is a book that needs to be on every english speaking library shelf, and needs to be read by every englishspeaking history teacher. Palestinian leaders on tuesday rejected us president donald trumps peace proposal as an unacceptable capitulation to israel that tramples on the longstanding aspirations of their people. As in his highly successful book the palestineisrael conflict, harms makes complex subjects accessible to everyone, without sacrificing analytical rigor. So, readers, what other books have enlightened you on the israelpalestine conflict. The book also reveals the duplicity of the palestinian grievance factory, which fabricates wrongdoing supposedly committed by the israeli defense forces, and has been dismayingly successful in swaying world opinion and in particular the united nations in doing so. Which documentary or book best explains the israel. The wafa news agency reports the first palestinian coronarelated death today.

Israelpalestine history, middle eastern history, books. This book provides one of the best introductions to the israelpalestine conflict. This is the first englishlanguage epic novel to comprehensively express the palestinian tragedy. The term came into currency with the muhammad aldurrah incident a controversy during the second intifada involving a challenge to the veracity of photographic evidence.

Download ebook on occupied palestine living under apartheid antiapartheid framework training curriculum ebook apartheid against the palestinian people ebook apartheid. Finkelstein a fully updated new edition, by the author of the holocaust industry. Palestinian academic sues quora claiming she was banned from the website for criticizing zionism. The israeli propaganda effort has been really active in spreading disinformation about israels attack on the gaza freedom flotilla. Your compiler was a curator at the british library for twenty years and the titles included.

Textbooks in israel and the palestinian territories issued by the palestinian authority have been an issue within the larger israelipalestinian conflict. True history, legality and legitimacy, true jewish. This splendid book by a young american jewish scholar is the product of. Palestinian authority spokesman ibrahim milhem reports two more cases, bringing the total of. The best books on the israelpalestine conflict recommended by robin yassinkassab.

Fiction and nonfiction books about palestine and its people. This hatred has given rise to such events as the tragic 911 attack and al qaeda, the war in afghanistan and the taliban, and the war in iraq and syria and the terrorists of the islamic caliphate. The year was 1958, world opinion was turning against arab freedom fighters, one of their leaders, yasser arafat knew something somehow was needed to bring opinion to this side, so he and his comrade in arms, abbas, went to the kgb to see what they do to help him, thus started off the creation of the palestinian. This book should be the first port of call for students and anyone seeking clarity and a historical elucidation of current events involving the united states, israel, and the middle east. Israels cult of disinformation and the complications of. Ive been studying israelpalestine for over 30 years. Four people voted for the freaking secret life of bees on a list about books to do with israel and palestine. The author and political blogger chooses five books on the israelpalestine conflict and compares the palestinians to the jews in diaspora. Palestinians still live under apartheid in israel, 25 years after the oslo accord. A grand strategy for america in the middle east, by kenneth m. Israel does not appear on any maps of the world in the new pa. The views expressed are solely those of the author and may or may not. Pro palestine the ethnic cleansing of palestine by illan pappe pro israel the case for israel by alan dershowitz.

After the 6day war, when the soviet client states of egypt and syria were soundly defeated, it became clear to the soviets that the way to defeat israel was not via conventional armed conflict. This is warranted because even one instance of unchallenged disinformation is one too many in terms of planting seeds of antipathy towards israel in the minds of vulnerable individuals among the millions of fnc viewers. Trump regime disinformation country report on israelpalestine. In 2018, israel will observe its 70th anniversary as a nation. As one of the most contentious and controversial relationships in the world, the israelpalestine conflict has found its way into the headlines for various. There are several stories out there waiting to be discovered. Disinformation, of course, derives from dezinformatsiya, the craft practiced by a department of the kgb which specializes in faking documents and spreading. In june 2012, israel s channel 10 published an email in which nurit tinarimodai, deputy ambassador to ireland, proposed harassing expatriate israelis who criticized israeli policies, posting photos of them and publishing disinformation that would embarrass them. Concentratedin the land of alsham greater syriawas the culture of the canaanite and aramaic peoples who migrated there from the arab peninsula, p. Welcome to a bibliography of the most significant englishlanguage books on the palestinian struggle. Israel established in 1987, interlink is an independent publishing house that offers a global, cosmopolitan perspective. She claimed that they were critical of israel because of their sexual identity.

Buy the ethnic cleansing of palestine reprint by pappe, ilan isbn. Image and reality of the israelpalestine conflict by norman g. First published in 1995, this acclaimed study challenges generally accepted truths of the israel palestine conflict as well as much of the revisionist literature. For example, suppose it were iran or china instead. Zionistisraeli disinformation about palestine and palestinians is such a part of. What everyone needs to know about the israelipalestinian. Such cultural activity certainly did not change the fact that israels leaders have never shown interest in negotiating a resolution with the palestinians except solely on israeli terms. The campaign of disinformation, framing, and the savage treatment, both mental and physical, suffered by these prelates is discussed in graphic detail in the book, and is worth reading not only as to correcting the historic record, but also as understanding disinformation methodology. As the example of the israelpalestine conflict shows, writes pappe. Nearly half the land of palestine was owned by arabs, nearly half was crown lands, and about 8% was owned by jews. The new palestinian school books annex sites in israel to palestine. Part 3 of disinformation former spy chief reveals secret. Israels cult of disinformation and the complications of basing a. A shocking new book reveals facts that every american and every citizen of the free world should know, but few do.

Dec 30, 2016 image and reality of the israel palestine conflict by norman g. How the press distorts americas views of the middle east, the americanborn israeli writer zeev chafets catalogued the ills that plagued u. In leaked bloomberg internal news memos, there is no such. Trump regime disinformation country report on israel. There is a whole set of histories, written by israelis and based on archival research, that support the claim that israel has not sought a just resolution to the conflict. Heres 10 books on palestine to read while social distancing. Ross is a former lead negotiator on israelipalestinian issues for. Instead of dealing with palestine, the new generation. General edward said, the question of palestine random house, 1992 edition ghada karmi, married to another man. Use palestine in the context of geography, not as a substitute for the palestinian authority, palestine liberation organization or any other political body. The acclaimed israeli novelist on the political role of. Jan 15, 2009 most important of all if you want to know the facts on the ground in the middleeast is to ignore public tv and newspapers covering the israelpalestine conflict.

Ian black opens his excellent new history of the israelpalestine conflict. The first comprehensive yet accessible history of the state of israel from its inception to present day, from daniel gordis, one of the most respected israel analysts the forward living and writing in jerusalem. We believe that the information comes from reliable sources, but cannot guarantee the information to be free of mistakes and incorrect interpretations. Those who are still hoping that the new american agenda on palestine and israel is temporary, or reversible, should abandon this false hope. Rychlak is a revealing and eloquent book that requires greater dissemination and should be required reading by sober citizens of every civilized. A palestinian state in gaza is far less dangerous than one in the west bank, with israels capital, airport, and heartland in its crosshairs. Disinformation explains of post wwii history from the perspective of one who was on the inside. Israel, palestine, and the language of genocide tikkun. Israelis, palestinians and the struggle for media supremacy. The best books on the israelpalestine conflict five books. An american israel education foundation aief briefing book pdf from a december 2014 congressional staff junket to israel may be the first piece of educational information ever to leak out of the captive aipac shell organization to the public aief was incorporated in 1988 to promote a more balanced and realistic understanding of american interests in the near east and within. The recent discovery that mahmoud abbas, president of the palestinian authority pa, was a kgb spy in damascus in 1983, was discarded by many in. Read all 3 and youll have a good basic understanding. On this nineday itinerary, travel with experts from the new york times, a leader in its evenhanded coverage of israel, palestinians.

Our list is devoted to works of literature, history, contemporary politics, travel, art, and cuisine from around the world, often from areas underrepresented in western media. He is vice president for new initiatives, and has been an advisor to both republican and democratic secretaries. What are the best books to read about the israelipalestine. Disinformation former spy chief reveals secret strategies for undermining freedom, attacking religion, and promoting terrorism 20 by lieutenant general ion mihai pacepa and professor ronald j. For those readers who have been with me for a while, you might remember the mysterious fact that i am on the mail list of the american jewish committee ajc. Israel junkets pump disinformation into congress antiwar. Omalley interviewed dozens of israeli and palestinian participants in the peace process before reaching the same conclusion as a growing number of people in the region. In april 1985 it was awarded the national jewish book award in the israel category. And they spread suicidal, killing israel disinformation about neverexisted the san remo resolution for palestine, 19200425.

Cultural interaction with israel went on for decades before the boycott effort got going. This has led to billions, if not trillions, being wasted in selfdefeating, illconceived policies. The term palestinian people as a descriptive of arabs in palestine appeared for the first time in the preamble of the 1964 plo charter, drafted in moscow. Rather read israelis discourse on the topic, the viewpoints in israeli news sources is much more balanced then what you will get in the us. It is, rather, a book that is written by washington, from which brazen proisrael agenda has preceded. Ilan pappes latest publication, ten myths about israel verso books, 2017, opens with an overview of t. Several studies have been done on palestinian textbooks. There are so many nuances and complications to their stories. The site takes its inspiration from british writers in support of palestine.

How prosecutors and law enforcement are trampling the constitution in the name of justice. Miller threatens the palestinians with more palestinian lands will be given to israel. Israeli food theft as a form of genocide of palestinian. The notsostrange case of joan peterss from time immemorial.

Back in 2012 i wrote a short book entitled cultural genocide rutgers university press. There are over 600 palestinian children under the age of 18 in israeli prisons, along with approximately 6000 palestinian adults. Below is a list of books israelpalestine that we recommend. The slogan of the zionist movement was the land without people for the people without land. It had no impact on the issue of conflict resolution. Best books about palestine fiction and nonfiction 121 books. Consulate general in jerusalem commissioned studies from ipcri israelpalestine center for research and information. Forcing compromise in israel and palestine, published by metropolitan books. These are only some of the disinformation operations discussed in the book. The institute for national security studies inss and the israel public policy institute ippi in tel aviv are calling for applications to the program disinformation. G7 powers agree china spreading coronavirus disinformation. The eu does not fund actions that are related to boycott activities. Israel is a tiny state, and yet it has captured the worlds attention, aroused its imagination, and lately, been the object of its.

Disinformation former spy chief reveals secret strategies for undermining freedom, attacking religion, and promoting terrorism20 by lt. Some of the books we carry on israel palestine, and on the history of palestinians and jewish people the ethnic cleansing of palest. Basically, whatever you might read about the israelipalestine conflict will be pure fiction. Here i would recommend that the culture for coexistence signatories read the books of the israeli historian ilan pappe. I hope this journal entry regarding quora administrative practices will serve as a useful resource for people interested in researching how closed social media platforms or environments. A shocking new book delivers explosive revelations. This is only one readers list of books for learning about israel and palestine. Examining ten myths about israel, by ilan pappe mondoweiss. The origins of the arabjewish conflict over palestine is a 1984 book. His latest book, with john kiriakou, is the cia insiders guide to the iran crisis. Contested histories provides nonspecialist readers with an introduction and historical overview of the issues that have characterized and defined years of the still unresolved israelipalestinian conflict. Deflection, distraction and disinformation are used to obfuscate about something that should be straightforward. Israel s cult of disinformation and the complications of basing a policy upon a foundation of lies.

Order robert spencers the palestinian delusion, click here. Aug 14, 2017 historical disinformation, even of the most recent past, can do tremendous harm. In the 1980s a writer named joan peters wrote a variationonatheme book. Aaron david miller is an american middle east analyst, author, and negotiator. The palestinian delusion is a muchneeded antidote to the disinformation about the jewish state that prevails almost everywhere today. Two months ago, the longawaited release of the trump administrations ambitious plan for peace between israelis and palestinians, what the president has called the ultimate deal, seemed. Which documentary or book best explains the israelpalestine. Disinformation about the gaza freedom flotilla palestine. Renowned israeli historian, ilan pappes groundbreaking book revisits the formation of the. Nobody can name even one person who has signed such epochal resolution because it never existed.

The creation of the palestinian people is one of the biggest propaganda victories in history, as their existence is now taken for granted. Israel, palestine, and the united nationsarchive 2. Six books that anyone from politicians to plebs can add to their reading list. The ghost of soviet kgb disinformation in america israel. Support the guardian available for everyone, funded. Timothy benton origins of the palestinian narrative. Rampant disinformation, partisan news sources and social medias. Written a hundred years ago 1901 by israel zangwill, it pretended palestine had no people.

Fox news airs geraldo riveras antiisrael disinformation. Systematic and gross human rights violations in israelpalestine. Most viewed writers on the topic palestinians in quora. Certainly not the book of international and humanitarian law, which has devised a clear path aimed at achieving palestinian freedom, rights and territorial sovereignty. Some palestinians attribute the beginning of violence to the killing of palestinian woman hadeel alhashlamoun by israeli soldiers on 22 september, or the duma arson attack by israeli settlers in july 2015, which caused the death of three palestinians. His onair disinformation about the palestinianisraeli conflict should immediately be balanced on air with factual information. In 1977, a leader of the palestinian liberation organization plo actually admitted it. The truth about the israelipalestinian conflict has been obscured for decades. The middle east was a key battlefield in the cold war, and moscow spent considerable resources courting arab states in the region and vocally backing the palestinian cause. In this book, written on the 50th anniversary of israels occupation of the west. Klein documents the largely untold story of illegal palestinian construction on jewishowned property in key areas of eastern jerusalem and makes the compelling case that the state of israel is the target of a widespread disinformation campaign by international news media and liberal academia. What everyone needs to know about the israeli palestinian conflict, by brian grodman, frontpage, december 17, 2019. Palestine and israel examines the history of this battle from the perspective of international law, and it argues that a longterm solution to the conflict must protect legitimate interests to remain viablean element the author believes has so.

What everyone needs to know about the israelipalestinian conflict a shocking new book delivers explosive revelations. Provides a fresh attempt to break away from polemical approaches that have undermined academic discussion and political debates focuses on a series of. This collective noun was created by the soviet disinformation masters in 1964 when they created the palestinian liberation organization, the plo. Israel, palestine, and the language of genocide mark levine. Nov 14, 2017 any other books for learning about israel and palestine. Clear away the disinformation that has clouded the israeli. Textbooks in the israelipalestinian conflict wikipedia. Susan abulhawa is a palestinian american and the novel starts shortly before the ethnic cleansing of 19478 in a village near haifa and it follows a family driven out of their village to a refugee camp in jenin.

It is not surprising, therefore, that policies of disinformation continue to the. The inside story of the fight for middle east peace, by dennis ross. Pallywood, a portmanteau of palestinian and hollywood, is a coinage used to describe supposed media manipulation, distortion or fraud by some palestinians putatively designed to win the public relations war with israel. Ive been studying israel palestine for over 30 years. Brian grodman posted by ruth king on december 17th, 2019. The old soviet kgb campaign is alive and revived in the current us congress, its influence is felt on campus and its main focus is getting americans to fight other americans. Palestine israel conflicts by looking back to the history of the creation of the nation of israel until today. Summary of the israelipalestinian conflict facts about. Apr 01, 2020 trump regime disinformation country report on israelpalestine by stephen lendman home stephen lendman in its annual country report, the trump regimes state department the post trump regime disinformation country report on israelpalestine appeared first on stephen lendman. Dec 04, 2019 the truth about the israelipalestinian conflict has been obscured for decades. Online shopping for books from a great selection of israel. This site offers factual information and viewpoints that might be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our time. The earlier bloomberg memo says there is no such country as palestine. The ajc is one of the principal zionist advocacy organisations in the united states.

Washingtons complete adoption of israels messianic, extremist policies regarding occupied palestine has been a long time in the making. That is not the only explosive revelation in this book. This paperback edition includes a new preface examining recent developments in the israel palestine conflict and the misuse of antisemitism, and a new chapter analysing the controversy surrounding israels construction of the west bank wall. Jul 17, 2018 while it upholds its policy of clearly distinguishing between the territory of the state of israel and the territories occupied by it since 1967, the eu rejects any attempts to isolate israel and does not support calls for boycott.

The book that is providing a storm of controversy, from israels bravest historian. Miko peled was born in jersusalem into a famous and influential israeli zionist family. In no way is this meant to be a comprehensive reading list on the topic, but we. American presidents and even israeli prime ministers have signed on to the falsehoods and validated them. In a letter to the london jewish chronicle he has denounced the book as the most successful disinformation effort ever mounted by israels selfstyled friends abroad. Israels dilemma in palestine pluto press, 2007 mazin qumsiyeh, popular resistance in palestine pluto press, forthcoming, 2010. Books to understand the israelpalestine conflict penguin random. In fact they spread horrible british disinformation that mandate for palestine is british. The new york times insidious ongoing disinformation. The dispute over palestine between the palestinian arabs and the israelis is one of the most volatile and intractable conflicts in the world today. Rampant disinformation, partisan news sources and social medias tsunami of fake. Avoid referring to palestine, as in israels incursion into palestine, because there is no. Author ion pacepa, former romanian spy chief, brings modern world history alive.

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