Nom 031 ssa1 1993 pdf file

Mexicana nom031ssa11993 for fresh, refrigerated and frozen shellfishes. Bergeys manual of systematic bacteriology springer, 2004. The bacteriological parameters of both fresh and frozen oyster were in. Norma oficial mexicana nom027ssa11993, bienes y servicios. Application of case management to the control of acute lower respiratory. Quality and shelf life of the gonad of lions paw scallop transported. Nom 087 ssa1 1993 aves frescas refrigeradas y conge ladas enteras y troceadas envasadas. Gonad holds a significant composition of essential fatty acids while levels of. All documents are delivered by email in pdf format. Norma oficial mexicana nom031ssa11993, bienes y servicios. Nom 086 ssa1 1994 alimentos y bebidas no alcoholicas con modificacion en su composicion. Moluscos bivalvos frescos refrigerados y congelados.

Moluscos bivalvos frescosrefrigerados y congelados. Apendices normativos apendice normativo a apendice normativo b 1. Nom047ssa12011, environmental health biological exposure indices for the. In this work we studied the microbiological quality of the red octopus given its important. Nom034semarnat1993 that establishes the measuring methods for. Norma oficial mexicana nom 031 ssa1 1993, bienes y servicios.

Norma oficial mexicana nom 020 ssa1 2014, salud ambiental. Norma oficial mexicana nom242ssa12009, productos y servicios. Norma oficial mexicana nom 025 ssa1 2014, salud ambiental. Norma oficial mexicana nom1ssa11995, bienes y servicios. Nom002ssa11993 prepackaged products net contents tolerances and methods of verification. Moluscos bivalvos frescos, refrigerados y congelados.

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