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Martin dreadnought acoustic guitars musicians friend. Jun 18, 2015 hanson purchased this 1966 martin d28 from george gruhn in 1970 or 1971 he cant recall the exact year, and it has accompanied him for his entire career as a professional guitarist. Save money on used martin guitars at guitar center. Includes a martin vinyl laminated hardshell guitar case and a 12 pack of promo guitar strings. The 184 year old guitar maker has combined vintage appointments, including open gear tuners, an aged toner top, antique white accents, and a faux tortoise pickguard with a new neck profile to give d28 enthusiasts. During the years when he owned and used the nowmodified martin d 28, clarence white changed the. It would take a book to cover all of them, and in fact, there is a book. It has more volume due to the deeper sound box, i believe, and its tone is very nicely balance and rich. While the 000 28 12 fret had a 1 78 wide neck, the new om model had a 1 34 neck. This guitar shows very light normal signs that it was held and played light scratches, scuffs, dings this is normal for a 10year old d 28. Preorder titles at great prices from your favorite authors.

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title formed as a letternumber combination. This 41 is in great playing condition with a few repairs. Martin guitars of the same prefix are all the same body size. Tuners are the original chrome plated sealedbacks with c f martin script logo. When this guitar was made, the braces had a tapered shape that deliver a brighter, more focused bass response than scalloped braces. The modern d28 is made of several high quality tone woods, including a solid sitka spruce or adirondack red spruce top, indian rosewood back and sides, and mahogany neck.

This martin d 28 was made in 1945, the first year after martin stopped scalloping the top braces. D 28 s are more the flagship model for martin, and they can be more expensive. Browse bestsellers, new releases and the most talked about books. This martin d 28 herringbone from 1945 is a very nice example of a taperedbraced adirondack dreadnought with brazilian rosewood back and sides. Take a look at vintage and used dreadnought guitars from martin, taylor, gibson, takamine and other sellers. Used martin in dreadnought acoustic guitars reverb. The beatles, the d28 deserves its place in history as a quintessential instrument. The best ones deliver great tone a darker, richer voice than 50s or 60s d 28 s. If you look carefully, you can see the martin doesnt quite fit right in this case. Hanson purchased this 1966 martin d28 from george gruhn in 1970 or 1971 he cant recall the exact year, and it has accompanied him for his entire career as a professional guitarist. A strong and lively prewar d 28, in excellent condition, and well setup. From far away, this guitar could be as much a martin d 28 as a yamaha f335. I n 200102, martin honored clarence white with the d 18cw commemorative edition, inspired by the 1950s d 18 that he used on many of his bestknown acoustic recordings. But when youre a guitar player you dream of someday owning a martin guitar.

In our book, truly iconic guitars are few and far between. It has a solid sitka spruce top with glossy finish, special east indian rosewood. Martin used, 1969 brazilian d28s mandolin brothers, ltd. A look through mike longworths book, martin guitars. The 2017 d28 blends the rich history of the guitar with martins newest and most heralded innovations. And all dreadnought martins made from 1931 through 33 featured a 12fret a reference to the point at which the neck meets the body slottedhead neck and extendedlength body, rather than the more familiar squared upper bout and shorter body of modernstyle dreadnoughts. The d 35 was also more expensive than the venerable d 28. The guitar has repaired top cracks on the treble side of the lower bout, a repaired back crack, 3 small repaired holes in the top, 2 small repaired holes in the peghead, and a replaced bridge. There are plenty of acoustic guitars out there thatd wed describe as classic. It has brazilian rosewood back and sides with a solid spruce top.

Read the dreadnought history to find out how the dsize guitar became the standard. Singularly unique, inherently fascinating, exceptionally informative, profusely illustrated, the martin archives. The d 45 was the top model of the dreadnought line, which also included the d 28 and d 18 models, priced much lower. One of the handful of original oms built with a pyramid bridge, teardrop pickguard, and banjo style tuners. This 1969 brazilian rosewood martin d 28s is essentially a oneowner guitar and except for the original black acetate pickguard, which was replaced here at gryphon as it had come loose and curled dramatically, all the parts and finish are as it left the factory in nazareth 49 years ago. Fresh from a neck reset and refret, this oneowner consignment 1940 martin d28 76035 is lively and in clean condition. Buy martin d28 2017 dreadnought sitka spruceeast indian rosewood. Jan 22, 2018 the d 35 was also more expensive than the venerable d 28. Other details include a black pickguard, brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, and grover rotomatic tuners. It is widely regarded amongst luthiers and guitarists alike as being the classic and even iconic american made acoustic guitar. This 1969 martin d 28 acoustic guitar is incredibly beautiful with lots of character.

This philosophy changed during the hard times of the great depression, which started in 1929. The letter prefix d or number prefix 5 represents the guitars size. Heres a d28 for the player whos looking for the maximum in brazilian rosewood martin dreadnought tone and volume, without breaking the bank, yet still doesnt want a guitar that looks bashed and thrashed. Today the dreadnought is ubiquitous, found in every style of acoustic music, and accounts for approximately 80 percent of martin s yearly production. The martin d28 is a dreadnoughtstyle acoustic guitar made by c. A history revised and updated by richard johnston, dick. In looking back at its own history, martin has made this d28 the most attractive yet. I have played lots of 28s from the 70s that are great guitars but imho older is better and nothing can match a 40 year old d series martin. Intrigue, discord, rumor and even a bit of fallacy seem intertwined in the history of any great musical instrument, and so it goes with 58957, a guitar whose place in the history of american music is now, quite literally, the stuff of legend. Its a 0 concert body size with a 28 series styling.

From custom and standard series dreadnoughts to even models for lefthanders, the martin d28 for you is waiting in this section. Heres a d 28 for the player whos looking for the maximum in brazilian rosewood martin dreadnought tone and volume, without breaking the bank, yet still doesnt want a guitar that looks bashed and thrashed. Martin d28 acoustic guitars for sale in stock ebay. Note starting with the 2017 d28s martin has switched to forward shifted xbracing. In 1942, as a result of world war ii, martin officially ceased production of the d 45 as well as other martin models such as the archtops, though they made half a dozen units in february 1943.

Old testament scholar martin noth of the university of bonn is the name most often associated with the deuteronomistic history theory, which arose in the first half of the 20th century. The nonadjustable truss rod, and great indian rosewood martin used in those years, and the nice bear claw sitka on top on this example, all make for a lovely. The martin d28 acoustic guitar offers the deep bass response thats made martin dreadnoughts so. The martin d28 acoustic guitar has long been hailed the king of bluegrass, and with their latest authentic series, the martin d28 1931 and 1941 are available with the same big, classic presence as their original counterparts. The anchor of martins standard series of professional level acoustic guitars is the classic d28. Yet, by the mid seventies, the d 35 was outselling the d 28 and would continue to do so for many decades to come.

The tone of the martin d28 acoustic guitar is what separates it from all other guitars. Tony werneke of replay acoustics unlocks the secrets of a 1956 c. One of only 183 d 28s made by martin in 1941, this guitar has the rich complex tone and great penetrating volume that i have come to expect from the martin dreadnoughts made in this year. Often, when that term gets used to describe a sixstring, its more marketing man hyperbole than true fact. In 1931 and 1941, martin guitars made a guitar model that would change guitars forever. The all new d28 blends the rich history of the guitar with martin s newest and most heralded innovations. Company records, while incomplete, indicate that sales flourished during the civil war, due in small part to the fact that many guitars were destroyed during the course of the war. Many players consider the best martin d 28 s from the 70s great guitars and the best value around if you want a vintage d 28 on a budget. Find the current blue book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. Jan 02, 2020 the deuteronomistic history is seen as an extension of the theology of deuteronomyespecially the blessings and curses of chapter 28. The interior bracing and bridgeplate are also original with no sign of repairs. Martin 2017 d28 dreadnought acoustic guitar natural. Martin d28 vs shenandoah 28 what are the build differnce.

The d28 was made in 1952 and it used to belong to her father who passed away a few years ago. Many people will find there is something so familiar about the martin d28. I previously played a martin d 16rgt, which is very similar to the d 28. The d 28 is the most copied guitar in history, and the 1937 d 28 is the one to which all others are compared. Martin is highly regarded for its steelstring guitars, and is a leading mass manufacturer of flattop acoustics with models that retail for thousands of dollars and vin. Dec 06, 2008 im not an expert on d 28 s but i have played many and own a 1964. But when the woman opened the case i was a bit surprised to see a nice martin d28. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Any one of the models just mentioned would be an excellent place to start your search, but for the sake of getting this party started, well suggest the standard series d 28. Im not an expert on d 28 s but i have played many and own a 1964. I am referring to the martin history and martin technical reference books written by guitar geek, richard johnston and retired martin history. It has survived the seventyplus years very well, and is crackfree but for a small repaired pickguard crack.

With a classic sound, and an instantly recognizable design, its theamerican acoustic instrument. Since 1976, the martin hd 28 has been the d 28 s slightly more ornate. The suffix 28 or 18 indicates the type of materials used in building the guitar and the general ornamentation. Jan 05, 2011 quartersawn brazilian rosewood sides and back, sitka spruce top with non scalloped bracing, top purfling, ivoroidbound body, style 28 inlays in 20fret ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, tortoise. The all new d28 blends the rich history of the guitar with martins newest and most heralded innovations. The martin 32 model 017 and 018 in 1932, martin introduced their first 14 fret orchestra models to follow the martin om, a special 32 model style 017 and 018, with low prices to match the postdepression market. Prewar models to modern day marvels we always have a selection of martin acoustics in stock.

And it provided a wealth of information so that it could be reborn as the 2014 d 28 authentic 1937. The martin d 28 is a dreadnoughtstyle acoustic guitar made by c. However, they contain many original design elements like scalloped braces and herringbone. The company has really built its reputation on this model and some 80 years after this particular guitar was built, the d28 is still one of martin s most popular models. Check out what we think of the martin d28 best acoustic. As an amazon associate, best acoustic guitar guide earns from qualifying purchases. This d28 is one of only 4 made in 1940 and was made late in the year, nearly into 1941. The number one source of guitar and amplifier pricing and information so you can find the price and value of your used guitars and amplifier. However the d 28 beats it in volume, resonance, and tone. Embracing the unique tonal properties of the d 28, martin changed tack when it came to advertising. Martin 1930 000 28 orchestra model beautiful original condition early om from the second batch of five made in january of 1930. Vintage martin dreadnought guitars for sale san francisco. From d 18, d 28, 00 and om styles and more available. Martin stopped using brazilian as their default rosewood back in 1969, and the grain and coloration on this guitar indicates they saved the best and prettiest pieces for last.

Founded in 1833 by christian frederick martin, the c. Please view our updated martin d28 guitar versions here. Find new and used guitars from makers like martin, taylor, gibson takamine, yamaha and more. A history, shows that the dreadnoughts gain in popularity has been steady since its introduction. As far as quality, guitars in general of the 70s, are thought to not have been as well manufactured, as in other years. This consignment martin d 28 78220 is an especially fine oneowner example and remains in very fine clean condition. Fewer than 800 fourteen fret d 28s had been built prior to the usas war declaration in late 1941. With its solid east indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck and sitka spruce top, the d28 represents the pinnacle of martins master luthiery. A total of 292 d 18cw guitars were built, among the largest total for any martin limited edition to that time. With a list of players spanning everybody from elvis, to the beatles, to marcus mumford, this is a guitar for professional players if ever there was one. Having talked about the prewar martin d 28 in last months issue, i thought it would be a good moment to featurea dreadnought from the series of guitars that martin started making in the 1850s and have produced continually ever since.

D 28s, however, are something special, and their design is regarded as the classic american design. Martin used, 2002 d28cw clarence white commemorative. At the time, martin believed such a large guitar produced too much bass and spoiled the delicate balance of the martin sound. Dec 01, 2010 this is an early 1939 d 28 from martin. An unofficial forum for those who love martin instruments founded by steve stallings. From custom and standard series dreadnoughts to even models for lefthanders, the martin d 28 for you is waiting in this section. And i must say that the d 16 is an excellent guitar, and i do not plan to get rid of mine. A sitka spruce top with east indian rosewood back and sides, all wrapped together in martin s classic herringbone inlay. My 1969 martin d 28 is not only the best guitar ive ever played, it was the most treasured gift i received from my old man who suddenly fell ill to cancer and passed in 2004. Being more ornate than the d 28, it made for a slightly flashier stage guitar. Martin d 28 vs shenandoah 28 what are the build differnce. Standard sized guitars might have been tonally more balanced, but the bassiness of the d 28 made it perfect for use in country music, backing up vocals, fiddles, and banjos in lieu of a bass instrument.

So it is a tall order to make a new guitar and claim it is, at least in most respects, as close as one may come to the original article. The d 28 museum edition 1941 acoustic guitar blends authentic series construction with marquis series tonewoods. This 61 d 28 is a reminder that especially during martin s old north street factory days the guitars changed slowly, sometimes showing only slight changes over many years. A scrapbook of treasures from the worlds foremost acoustic guitar maker is an extraordinary volume that should be a part of every college and university american music history collection in general, and the supplemental studies reading list of guitar enthusiasts. Theres more raw, rich vintage tone wrapped up in this 1950 martin d 28 than a whole stack of bluegrass pickers would know what to do withand thats an understatement. Having been stored in the family home for 2530 years, the finished surfaces and metal more info and pictures price. He coauthored the books martin guitars, an illustrated celebration and john crean.

This ones from 1952, and has its original tuners and bridge and what appears to be the original pickguard, with no alterations to the interior bracing or bridgeplate except. Perhaps the most iconic of all dreadnought guitars, the martin d 28 has seen some changes over its long line of production, but by and large remains very true to the original design that drew in players like paul mccartney, neil young, and elvis presley to name a few. Martin serial numbers in this range include many new features, such as rosewood side strips, plastic saddles, and micarta nuts. The 0 28 was the smallest in the 28 series, while the dreadnought d 28 is currently the largest. When youre a regular guy you dream of someday owning a ferrari or a private jet. Anybody seeing it would say solidly excellent condition. Martin standard series d28 acoustic guitar natural andy. Dec 15, 2017 i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we all missed out on a phenomenal bargain. A handsome martin dreadnought, this d 28 features a double bound body with a spruce top, nice looking rosewood back and sides, and a 14fret mahogany neck. I was living in minnesota, looking for a dreadnought martin, and i couldnt find one that i could afford, he says. Currently, martin offers a number of dreadnought models, from periodcorrect recreations of the original ditson design, to the iconic and bestselling d 28 model, variants like d 18s and d 35s, highend d 45s, and any number of signature models from master pickers.

It has a solid sitka spruce top with glossy finish, special east indian rosewood for the polished back and sides, and genuine ebony fingerboard and bridge. The deep bass response of a d28 was a very unusual feature to musicians. The verdict if theres one thing that guitarlovers can agree on, its that martin is one of the finest makers of guitars in the world at the moment and have been for. Graced with a style 28 multistripe rosette and style 18 purfling on the back, the d 12e demonstrates classic martin understated elegance. The guitar is clean inside and out, while the neck angle and playability are as good as it gets. One of those 8000 guitars is this 1890s martin 0 28 flattop. The grover rotomatic tuners on this example, plus the rounded upper corners of the headstock, are about all that are different from a d 28 made a decade earlier.

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