Computer relay control software

The windows client program is used to control the relays on the usb relay board. Wargo is a professional software developer and author. A nice and simple solution to control and test the relay devices. Thanks for contributing an answer to stack overflow. Over at diy web site instructables, user indestructable thoroughly describes the process of connecting an electrical device to your computer and controlling it with some simple programming. Using the parallel port for relay control software is the most reliable way as you have pin to pin connection from your parallel port to your relay board.

This program enables the pc to connect to the outside world by using the parallel or printer port lpt1. Relay controller software is programmable timer software to control relay board. Timer is the perfect timing software for computer control hydroponics, relays, solenoids or lights from a computers printer parallel port. Supplied with the relaybee is beestep14 control software. The client program stores all of the default variables and board settings in a database usbrelay. Kc868h32 smart home automation system relay controller. Computers can easily outpace the physical speed limits of any relay.

Usb relay controller board 4 channels for home automation. Home automation control a relay with your parallel port. Hot time software timer software to control sprinklers. This eliminates the need of using drivers to control the serial or usb port. Pc software control of module icse014a 8 channel relay board. Control pretty much any electrical device with your computer.

Parallel relay control command line based big thanks to agustin derregibus, my very cooperative programmer. Usb adaptor board providing relay outputs pc control. The devices or peripherals connected to the relays can be controlled via pc software. Icse014a 8 relay module control via pc windows 7 software micro usb part 1. A relay controller works by turning on and off magnetic coils under logic control. Every aspect of relay control software could be handled with the. How to control usb 8 relay board through windows operating. For this reason, computer controlled switching software should allow for. Full desktop relay control without programming with nbutton software compatible with relay boards from relaypros. Not where u have the relay that is on when the computer is on, the kind where u have a program.

It is for controllig appliances and electrical devices. Parallel relay controller uses hotkey numpad 9 to toggle pin 1 on the parallel port onoff included is the source, icon, and original png which i made. The usb relay board is with 8 spdt relays rated up to 7a each. Arceli 8channel 12v computer usb control switch relay module drivefree relay module plug and play suitable for pc smart controller 2. A computer controlled relay driver allows your computer to send simple commands to activate a switch or a group of switches. Usb relay connects to a pc using a simple usb cable from your computer to trigger. Knacro 5v 2 channel 10a pc usb control switch relay module free drive programmable computer control computer usb control switch driver pc intelligent controller 5v. This is eight channel relay board controlled by computer usb port. A relay controller is a device that is used to control a bank of switches. This is a full editing suite for creating your own switch sequencer programs. Nbutton lite is software that allows you to configure buttons to control relays and read the. Introduction to computer controlled relays and switching ncd.

The computer software can control the relay switch, and also show the input state. Usbrelay is a freetouse application for windows os used to control the relays on the usb relay board. A usb relay board controlled by computer via drm software. Introduction to computer controlled relays and switching. For his day job, hes a principal analyst for forrester research. Its used the hid technology, so no need to install any driver in windows system and you can easy to use. Open the device, the software automatically obtain the.

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