X10 controller mac software

Sand hill engineering has updated its xtension home automation software for mac os x to version 5. This is a comparison of popular applications that run on mac os x. The title for this entry is x10 activehome professional. You can set timers and repeat those timers weekly, you can set devices to turn on or. It is first article in computer controller home automation series. The new release adds support for two usbnative x10 controllers. The pc application is free and available from our downloads section, the macosx support is provided by thinking home software from and the linuxunix support is provided by heyu and a custom shell script.

X10 activehome professional free download and software. The original activehome software for the cm11a serial pc interface 3. There are so many options for home automation today that finding whats right for you can be daunting. Our price is lower than the manufacturers minimum advertised price.

Sort by position name price set descending direction. X10 commander is an x10 controller client for the iphoneipodipad and is a native ios application that allows you to control x10 devices anywhere. This article showcases usage of x10 technology to interact with hardware devices. Now, control all your same x10 units you have grown to love from your apple or android smart device anywhere you have internet access. Terasology terasology is a free and opensource survival and discovery game set in a voxel world. With the wm100 x10 wifi module you will be able to setup, use and control any of the 256 x10 codes. X10 commander melloware creative and useful software. Only works on 16 and 32 bit operating systems xp or earlier. X10 commander consists of two piecesa server piece which runs on your pc mac linux and the client piece which runs on your iosandroid device. X10 commander is an x10 controller client for the iphoneipodipad. To download any of the x10 software, just click on the appropriate link. Indigo 7 is mac home control software that natively supports zwave, insteon, and x10 protocols plus many, many other user written plugins that support specialized devices and other protocols. Xtension adds support for usb x10 controllers macworld.

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