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We dusted off our vcr to bring you long lost footage from a renegade promotion called southpaw regional wrestling. Wwe unleashes southpaw regional wrestling, a throwback. John cena 20012019 wrestlemania mystery john cena 2014 here comes the pain john cena 2003. Southpaw regional wrestling, the wwes webseries about. Get a close look at the southpaw regional wrestling roster, featuring lance catamaran, the butchers, and many more. Southpaw regional wrestling dlc announced for wwe 2k20. My southpaw regional wrestling name is better than yours. Chad 2 badd i got me this southpaw tshirt, and youre jealous of that. Southpaw regional wrestling tv series 2017 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The ascension play the surf dudes with attitude and the top guns, though its possible those are the same wrestlers under different gimmicks, as theyre in seperate seasons actor allusion. For a series that began as a promotional tiein between wwe and kentucky fried chicken, southpaw regional wrestling turned out remarkably well. Southpaw regional wrestling took the wrestling community by storm.

The list of john cenas early movies include 12 rounds 2009, legendary 2010, and the reunion 2011, all of which were failures. In an interview with varietys playback podcast, john cena revealed that wwe will produce more southpaw regional wrestling content. According to pwinsider, the next batch of shows will feature new characters portrayed by seth rollins, new day, rhyno and more. Southpaw regional wrestling episode 1 a second southpaw regional wrestling vhs tape has. Playstation network account required to download and install. Whats a simple miniseries on youtube produced by the wwe has now spawned a second season, featuring even more wrestlers than before now, season 2 of southpaw regional wrestling takes place before season 1, serving as a prequel to give more insight into how some of the characters got to where they were in the first season. Just in case anyone was having a hard time recognizing some folks, i made a complete cast list. As noted, wwe recently filmed material for new episodes of southpaw. Lost 1986 tape of southpaw regional wrestling discovered. Wwe teases new comedy show southpaw regional wrestling. Rusev explains why hes not featured on southpaw regional. The recently discovered video cassette tape includes the only remaining footage. The following are his roles in films, television series and video games.

The series begins with the explanation that a video cassette was found in the wwe. Download of this product is subject to the playstation network terms of. The oozing charisma and the natural talent for dramatics that his prowrestling character possesses did not find their way into the characters he portrayed onscreen. A second southpaw regional wrestling vhs tape has been discovered. Newly discovered southpaw regional wrestling tapes take us. Southpaw regional wrestling where to stream and watch. With john cena, johnny curtis, andrew hankinson, chris jericho. Get ready for more southpaw regional wrestling, wwes sketch comedy series about a fictional 1980s professional wrestling regional territory. They look great, and im looking forward to wearing them. Southpaw regional wrestling includes a new storydriven 2k showcase, 5 story towers, 2 allnew arenas, 10 playable characters, new vo and. Dolittle star john cena reveals what movie makes him ugly cry, his favorite acting brothers, and gets us excited for his new movie with jackie chan. Trending now this story has been shared 6,080 times.

Southpaw regional wrestling needs to continue as an. Watch wrestling full movie in hd visit a lost film, directed by william k. This tape contains the promotions build to their showdown at the swamp event in august 1986. High quality southpaw wrestling gifts and merchandise. Wwe releases southpaw regional wrestling episodes 14. Chett chetterfield is officially my favorite character from southpaw regional wrestling. The new 2k originals southpaw regional wrestling set is now live, and it features a fun and over the top take on your favorite superstars as well as a story straight out of dukes of hazzard or dallas. The discovery of a vhs cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of srw. Wwe released the first four episodes of the spoof online series southpaw regional wrestling on friday. Southpaw regional wrestling takes internet by storm. Southpaw regional wrestling john cena stars in hilarious. Seth rollins isnt listed as southpaw regional wrestling tag team champion and probably for this reason. A miniseries that parodies 80s southern wrestling, southpaw regional wrestling is a low budget wrestling show set in february 1987 featuring current wwe superstars playing 80s wrestling stereotypes building up to the ppv lethal leap year. This isnt the only time that ric flair was involved in a kfc commercial.

Basically, southpaw regional wrestling explains how so many people were lured into loving pro wrestling through some of the greatest camp comedy. The discovery of a vhs cassette reveals the bizarre and hilarious history of a wrestling promotion once thought lost to time. Chett chetterfield is officially my favorite character. Southpaw regional wrestling season 2 is coming fightboothpw. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Southpaw regional wrestling proved to be a fun, unique comedy series from wwe, but will the show return for season 3. Southpaw regional wrestling coming to the wwe network. The filmography does not include his professional wrestling appearances in any form of media or featured televised productions. Its 1987 and southpaw regional wrestling takes its show to the beach for the biggest show of the summer. John cena is an american professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and television presenter. Southpaw 2015 hollywood movie official trailer video. John felix anthony cena, better known as wwe superstar john cena, was born on april 23, 1977 in.

Southpaw regional wrestling tv series 2017 full cast. Inspired designs on tshirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Southpaw regional wrestling is most wrestling thing to. Wwe 2k20 originals southpaw regional wrestling xbox one. Southpaw s online videos are a parody of real professional wrestling promotions that operated in the southern united states in the 1980s.

I got my friend one too, and youre jealous of that. Perkins have the southpaw regional wrestling championship listed as an accomplishment. Southpaw regional wrestling is the third entry in the wwe 2k20 originals series of downloadable content packs, each with a different theme that will introduce allnew imaginative realms to wwe fans, with new content for your favorite parts of wwe 2k. Comedy and professional wrestling join forces in the wwes weird, wonderful youtube series southpaw regional wrestling. Wwe released four southpaw regional wrestling videos on its website, youtube and the wwe network on march 17, 2017. The premise of this 2017 online series has wwe dusting off an old, long forgotten promotional tape from the 1980s, featuring wrestlers. Southpaw regional wrestling 0 hours and 00 minutes movie 2017 a miniseries that parodies 80s southern wrestling, southpaw regional wrestling is a low budget wrestling show set in february 1987 featuring current wwe superstars playing 80s wrestling stereotypes building up to the ppv lethal leap year. Watch wrestling full english film wrestling full movie stream free download wrestling full movie studio.

Lance catamaran talking about paying common people to demean him and tell him that he was bad at reading the news might be a sly little jab at the wwe fans frequent comments about john cenas lack of wrestling ability hilarious in hindsight. Southpaw regional wrestling is a fictional professional wrestling promotion featured in an online video series produced by wwe. Southpaw regional wrestling returning with new cast members. John cena says southpaw regional wrestling will be back. The first season of southpaw will be added on monday, september 25th, with the second set to follow sometime in the future. Southpaw regional wrestling is the third entry in the wwe.

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